Wire Magazine Rewind App

Designer | Artist Spheres Studio
Year 2017

The Wire Rewind app uses augmented reality to totally transform the cover of The Wire’s January issue. Readers just have to download the free app, then point their phone’s camera at the cover to experience extra dimensions of sound and graphic design – and the more they explore the more they will discover multiple different combinations of 3D images and multichannel audio.

The Wire’s Rewind 2017 cover was designed by Ben Weaver Studio, with sound by artist Patrick Ward. The Wire Rewind app has been developed specially for the issue by Tibor Udvari and Philippe Karrer of Spheres Studio.

Readers can download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play by searching for “Wire Rewind”. They can also use the app to record and share their journeys through this combined experiment in graphic design and sound art.