Things Uncommon

Designer | Artist Noam Toran
Year 2010

Things Uncommon’ was a solo show of four works presenting Toran’s recontextualising of cinematic formulas within the gallery space. The research examined the potential of objects and spaces as protagonists within cinematic narratives. It aimed to enhance understanding of the critical yet under-acknowledged relationship between the film and design disciplines: how cinematic narratives can expand the value and function of ‘things’, and how designed objects and spaces can play key roles within filmic narratives and as symbols of meaning. The affective aspects of designed objects and spaces are foregrounded, as is the way cinema is able to challenge preconceived notions of functionality and value.
Toran’s process begins in classifying components such as built spaces and designed objects under thematic categories, then critically understanding the relations that develop within those spaces or around (and because of) those objects. This complicates their accepted status as settings and props. Instead, elements in film treated as marginal or peripheral (such as living rooms or swimming pools, masks or briefcases) are given a completely different mode of attention and take on a new force.