SMS Guerilla Projector

Designer | Artist Troika
Year 2003

‘SMS Guerrilla Projector’ is comprised of an object which combines a hand-held projector with a mobile phone, and the subsequent documentation that resulted from its use in a series of public interventions throughout the city of London. It is the first in Troika’s ‘Subjective Tool Series’ – preceding ‘Electroprobe Installations’ – in which the objective nature of everyday tools is subverted, in an attempt to afford them introspective characteristics.

Composed of an iconic 3210 Nokia phone and a camera long lens, the ‘SMS Guerrilla Projector’ is a homemade, fully functioning device that enables the user to project texts based on SMS messages in public spaces. Across London, text messages were projected onto buildings, shops, cinemas, people, houses and monuments. By sharing the user’s own personal communications on a large scale, the projector turns the private action of sending or receiving a text message into a public action. While this is dependent upon individual cooperation, it also seemingly affords the objective means of communication with its own sense of character and subjectivity.