App, Game
Designer | Artist Grame

SmartFaust is a concept of music applications for smartphones. These applications have the particularity of using only the user’s gestures and not a piano playing on the device’s screen. Made for iOS and Android, they also know how to use the motion sensors of these devices, making them real musical instruments.

Smartfaust applications are based on the Faust(Functional Audio Stream) programming language developed by Grame over the past 15 years and recognized as a standard in the field of real-time signal processing for audio. FAUST is first of all a high-level notation that allows to describe musical instruments or sound effects in a very concise way. FAUST is then an automatic translation system, a kind of virtual computer scientist, which produces the computer program corresponding to the description.

SmartFaust applications were first used for the creation of the pieces Mephisto (for drums and mobile phone ensemble), Belzebuth (participatory piece for Smartphone audience), Iblis (for clarinet and mobile phone ensemble) and Belial (for harp and mobile phone ensemble) written by the composer Xavier Garcia.

Using the same technology, the applications « Geek Bagatelles » (2016) and « GameLan » (2019) were subsequently created.

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