Designer | Artist Random international
Year 2012

Water, injection moulded tiles, solenoid valves, pressure regulators, custom software, 3D tracking cameras, steel beams, water•management system, grated floor•from 100 sq m•Barbican, London; MoMA, NY; Yuz M, Shanghai; LACMA, LA; The Maxine and Stuart Frankel Foundation for Art, MI
Rain Room can be seen as an amplified representation of our environment. Human presence prevents the rain from falling, creating a unique atmosphere and exploring how human relationships to each other and to nature are increasingly mediated through technology.
Upon entering the installation, visitors are simultaneously exposed to and protected from the water falling all around. Although the sound and smell of the rain are intense, its touch remains absent leaving visitors dry within a continual downpour as they navigate the space.
In Rain Room a seemingly intuitive relationship develops between visitor and artwork, man and machine.