Prélude in ACGT

Designer | Artist Pierry Jaquillard
Year 2018

Pierry was always interested in the ways code can add to literature, photography, etcetera but above all the collision between the nature’s core structure (DNA) and the artificial, man made (CODE). He worked with his own DNA to explore and discover it in a different way, throughout music – to see what is contained in his very own personal data and if maybe it could have been composed. As a result, he created five interfaces in order to examine it but also to try to understand the conversion process. Two of the devices drive the interaction whereas the remote allows you can change parameters like Tempo, the musical arrangement or even the type of conversion and the chromosomes’ library where you can choose which one to play and where inside it. The three other are used to visualize sound, the type of algorithm and his raw DNA – all in search for understanding the process.