Pour reception

Designer | Artist Tore Knudsen, Simone Okholm Hansen and Victor Permild
Year 2017

The Pour Reception radio has internal speakers, an AUX input, a small guide, and an interface of two glasses resting on a smooth surface. When adding water to one or both glasses, the radio turns on and invites the user to explore the interface that controls the familiar functionalities of a radio. A playful attitude and a puzzle inspired approach is almost required to create a new mental model for how the glasses functions as an interface.

Instead of operating with dials and buttons, as one would do with a traditional radio, Pour Reception is operated by interacting with the glasses. Changing channel is achieved by pouring water from one glass to the other. Fine-tuning the channel, to filter off distortion and noise, is done by touching and grabbing a glass containing water. Finally, touching the water in the glass lets the user affects the volume of the radio.