Park Finder

Designer | Artist Red Paper Heart
Year 2015

Park Finder is a special sign that encourages people to both play and explore. By turning the sign in any direction it reveals the National Park it’s pointing to. Each park also triggers a musical tone. So you can use it for wayfinding, or just whip it around to listen to music – either way it’s pretty addicting.

Creating this sign was the result of technical, sound and aesthetic research. The sign is inspired by the forms of classic National Park signs seen across America – mixed with a music box and a modern design sensibility. Inside the sign, physical gears meet rotary encoders which feed information into the central audio visual application. The generative music was based on the kind of harmonic tones found in wind chimes and music boxes – tones that can be combined in different ways while still retaining a musical sensibility.

The installation has been placed in Madison Square Park, NYC and at the steps of the Washington Memorial, and we’re excited to see where it ends up next.