Paper User Interface

Designer | Artist Coralie Gourguechon
Year 2016

Paper User Interfaces (PUI) seeks to explore a system of interfaces for paper-based electronic products. Home printed electronics is a promising direction of personal fabrication technology. Successful experiments in transforming home ink-jet printers to be used for tracing circuits onto paper, can suggest a future where a range of electronic objects will be produced directly, through an accessible and affordable process. Drawing from analog electronics interfaces and digital touch-based gestures, a system of controllers and interactions for paper objects has been devised. Considering electronics from a new production angle, PUI aims to blend the boundaries of the different fields involved into the conception of interfaces, where electronic functions are materialized through graphics and three dimensional shapes. Employing a versatile material, printable electronics allows interfaces to be shaped in semantic ways. A series of lights – each representing a specific interface – exemplifies each interaction/behavior pair of the proposed system. PUI is an exploration of the material. It’s a sandbox for design & development of printable and flexible electronic products.