One Shared House

Designer | Artist Anton & Iren
Year 2016

Thirty years ago, eight women embarked on a radical experiment in urban living: they built a communal house in central Amsterdam in which practically everything – from kitchen utensils to childcare – was shared. The house was conceived as an alternative to expensive, single-family apartments and atomized urban lives. It also reflected decades of progressive thinking on feminism, gay rights, and collaborative living.

With co-living making a comeback, we returned to Irene’s childhood home to learn about the story of this unusual place, and to discover what we are willing to share in our living environment on a day-to-day basis –– beyond the safety of our screens.

The result of this two year long self-initiated and self-funded project is the interactive documentary “One Shared House”, which is set between 1984 and 2014 and is told through personal interviews with current and former residents, combining video portraits, animations, data visualizations, photography and audioscapes to bring these stories to life in an

online experience.