Designer | Artist Simon Heijdens
Year 2006

A site specific adaptation of the location responsive light installation Lightweeds, permanently installed in the entrance hall of the new built museum UMNH in Salt Lake City. The 75 m2 projection covers the canyon shaped central entrance hall of the museum designed by Enead Architects New York, and is a development of the ongoing work Lightweeds. The work is specified to the site through environmental data and plant species local to the Utah Canyons, that overgrow the 3 story canyon wall and pollinate between its crevices.

Lightweeds – A living digital organism growing onto an indoor space, through which the space regains the natural timeline that it has walled out. Plant families that grow, move and behave directly depending on actual sunshine, rainfall and wind as measured live by sensors placed outside the building. Along human traffic they bend, loose their seeds and pollinate to other walls throughout the space, to make up a constantly evolving bio system that reveals the character of the space and how it is used.