Lieux Ordinaires

Graphic design, Video
Designer | Artist Anouk Zibaut
Year 2019

Created by Anouk Zibaut at ECAL, ‘Lieux Ordinaires’ (Ordinary Places) is a project that explores new narratives of public space framed by surveillance – an alternative perspective and a medium with a power to ‘document’. These new “windows”, Anouk writes: “are open to the world, accessible from my computer, a new projection on a place, a city, a country from a singular angle.”

Ordinary places are those corners of streets, those distant buildings or that deserted bench that I see from my window. It is these spaces that I have reclaimed in my daily life and that build my vision of the city. These places are a part of my imagination that describe moments of my life. They are neither places nor monuments but tell their story in third person. It is those who live in them, can testify to this.