Le puits

Designer | Artist Olivier Girouard
Year 2009

If we could look very closely at each molecule that constitutes a piece of ancient pottery, legend says that we would be able to reconstruct the potter’s song.

Le puits is an installation of electro acoustic music and ceramic. The work marries sound to resonant properties of vitrified clay to evoke the depth of a well.

The intrinsically silent ceramic bowls surprise the viewer through the work’s sound component. As there is nothing to reveal speakers hidden within the bowls, we must discover the source of the music. Sounds from a studio transport us to the very location where the bowls were created. The installation’s poetic resonance carries us through a place and time that wouldn’t be possible without the intersection of the bowls on display and the sound projected through them. The wonder is in this intersection, when the viewer identifies the source of the sound and suddenly, the ceramic bowls are singing.