Ikea Place

Designer | Artist Norgram
Year 2018

The idea of placing virtual objects in the real world has been around for sometime but the technology has never really been good enough. With the launch of Apple’s newly relased ARKit we we’re asked to conceptualize, art direct and design the AR app of IKEA.

Allowing the many people to virtually place furniture in the own homes will help them unleash their imagination of home furnishing. While at the same time enabling IKEA to “open” millions of new showrooms globally trough people’s smartphones. The power of the smartphone and argumented reality brings IKEA closer to the people and people closer to IKEA.
Our approach of the design has been to create an interface that feels as natural and intuitive as possible. IKEA is after all for the many. Aesthetically we’ve focused on bringing the IKEA brand to life trough small details while making sure the core experience is so simple, almost invisible —allowing people to focus on unleashing their imagination.