Helios yume

Designer | Artist White Vinyl
Year 2015

If an ambient, dream-like state inspires you to different pleasurable planes of existence, then the interactive version of Helios’ latest album, Yume, will surely woo you. The gentle journey was created by digital artist WhiteVinyl, a.k.a., Luke Twyman, whose works are simple constructions imbued with whimsy through graphic design, illustration, and web/interactive design.

In Yume, the user can travel through different environments from starry peaks to ruins. The landscapes feel like futuristic canyons in a neo-New Mexican desert. Yet, Helios named the album Yume, after the Japanese word for dream. Between Twyman’s floating cells and Helios’ luminous guitar lines, Yume’s elemental sound and feel is a relaxing but energetic musical experience where one can travel away from the realities of laptop life and into picturesque fields.