Designer | Artist Simon Geilfus
Year 2015

Grove is a small digital playground, a creative and relaxing experiment where you explore procedural landscapes and turn them into your own colorful scenery. Through some simple rules/interactions, the world Grove creates is different every time it’s experienced. Whether it’s wandering into densely generated forest or cavernous terrain, explore and bend the rules that make up this world. You can tap on anything to change the world around you. Procedural creation is everywhere today. It has consistently played a role in computer graphics and has always been something extremely fun to play with (as a programmer). You design a set of rules and systems that creates amazingly complex things for you. Using this approach to build worlds and watching this process and interacting with it is something really beautiful and empowering. Grove is born out of this idea and is the continuation of experiments I’ve been doing with procedural landscape creation. The idea was to turn that kind of software into something playful that could empower the user with those amazing creative tools. It’s not really a landscape editor and it’s not really a game either… This app was built using Cinder – https:://, an awesome and modern c++ library for creative coding created by Andrew Bell and Hai Nguyen. Many thanks to Hai for his amazing work at porting Cinder to Android and his countless hours of help to solve all the platform related issues. Many thanks as well to [David Thomas and Julien Diels]( for re-drawing all the icons used in the app.