Graphic Design in the White Cube

Graphic design, Installations
Designer | Artist Jonathan Puckey, Luna Maurer
Year 2006

Luna Maurer and I were invited by Peter Bil’ak to contribute to a poster exhibition that would run during the 22nd International Biennale of Graphic Design Brno 2006.

The exhibition would show posters designed by different graphic designers specifically to announce the very exhibition that they would be hung in.

Since the poster would only be printed in an edition of 2 and would be shown in a gallery context, we felt it would be strange to approach it as if it were any other poster design.

In 2005 we designed a poster together for an interior design exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum that used the idea of manual code. We iterated through a set of rules thousands of times, each time performing a small design task on the poster.

We revisited this idea, but this time decided to make some big changes to our approach. The posters would be created by hand instead of on the computer and they would be designed by a group of people instead of us.