Good Food

Designer | Artist Thuy Nguyen
Year 2017

What are your food values?

How do we empower people to make mindful, informed food decisions?

We face it in the supermarket every day: sifting through deluge options, asking ourselves, what food to pick and whether or not our choice is a „good » choice. The GOOD FOOD experience proposes a self-motivated approach of food education. An holistic experience that enables people to understand the food they are buying by first of all understanding themselves: What are my own criteria for good food?

The GOOD FOOD experience enables the customers to make decisions not on food in the first place, but on values around food and food production, such as environmental or social sustainability. It challenges them to think about what is important to them or how they expect « good food » to be. A visual guidance based on their ideal food helps to find the food that meets those values.