Feather Fountain

Designer | Artist Daniel Wurtzel
Year 2012

This sculpture by artist Daniel Wurtzel involves bird’s feathers that rise up off of the mirror base and fly in a central column of air. The feathers spin vertically around their quills, before falling back onto the base, where they are swept towards the center and up again by a sheet of air emanating from all points around the base perimeter. The piece is lit by a single source of light directly overhead, and the feathers create dark, dancing shadows in the bright circle on the ceiling, which is a reflection of the light off of the flat mirror of the base. The convex mirror at the center of the base, and the feathers on it, cast the less bright reflection and shadows across the ceiling and walls, encompassing the entire room. The soft patter that the quills make as they hit the glass – is similar to the sound of rain, and adds another dimension to the overall experience.