Fated Ascent

dispositif | installation
Designer | Artist Donald Abad
Year 2014

A Rocks & Augmented Reality installation.

In a landscape, a cairn is a pile of rocks that people piled up together to indicate the path to be followed by others.
They can be of various scales and shapes, depending to the ground, forms and sizes of the rocks fundable in the area. Cairns must be seen from both sides of a track.

Hikers can add new rock on the top of the pile, as a sign of respect to thank nature, but also to mark of their passage. Donald’s cairn embodies the passage of many hikers. By looking at the cairn through a tablet or a smartphone, visitors reveal the presence of the hikers, linked to the rocks.

Mixing land-art, performance, and psycho-geography, Donald Abad’s installation reveals the memory of what is inanimate. Using this process, virtual datas and cloud can be seen as a new form of animism.

Project : Donald Abad
Co-producer : ‹ART›machine‹/› Centre culturel numérique Saint-Exupéry
Development AR : Donald Abad, Pierre Rahola (Centre culturel numérique Saint-Exupéry)
Development iOS : Lemine Beyrouk
Development Android : Jerôme Sallmann
Thanks to : Juliette Bibasse, STRP Festival, Valentina Zajackowski, Geraldine Taillandier, Clémentine Treu, Olivier Delporte, Sophie Varin, Nicolas Chaverou, Akatre studio, Cyriac Allard, Ludwig Marlin, et Olivia Mauriac