Facebook Algorithmic Factory

Designer | Artist Vladan Joler / Share Lab
Year 2018

With 1.6 billion active users in 2015, Facebook is heading towards fulfilling their mission to connect every person on this planet through their social network. Zuckerberg’s vision, which is becoming reality, most people on the planet are connected between each other through one application, the social networking app. According to its creator, Facebook was built to accomplish a social mission – to make the world more open and connected. To be fair, this social network has in fact made the lives of billions of people more open and transparent, and made segments thereof more exposed to the public.We are the witnesses of the time of transparency of the individual. At the same time, Facebook, the platform itself is far from being open and transparent. What happens within the invisible walls of this complex algorithmic machine mediating the communication of billions of people is kind of mystery, a black box .