Dot Dot Dot

Designer | Artist Abbott Miller
Year 2012

Abbott Miller invites viewers to interact with design, dance, choreography and music with his new app, DOT DOT DOT.

As the iPad offers a uniquely interactive performance space that presents new opportunities for dance and choreography in a virtual world, Miller has collaborated with 2wice Arts Foundation to take full advantage of what can be accomplished in this digital realm.

DOT DOT DOT uses a graphic interface of black and red dots that establish a diagrammatic space for a series of pictures that are activated by the user through the touchscreen. The app reveals different registers when swiped vertically and horizontally.

Seen from above, the dots trigger different movements and actions when touched, while when seen from the side become columns that define the dancer’s movements.

Dancer and choreographer Tom Gold is the star of the app. As he performs in the graphic environment, he presents himself as an intrepid performer, or rather an avatar for the viewer. He changes dance routines and performances based on how the viewer wishes to touch the screen.