Motion Design
Designer | Artist Studio Moniker
Year 2013

Do Not Touch is an interactive, crowd sourced music video for the track Kilo by the band Light Light.

With Do Not Touch we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the computer pointer. For decades this ubiquitous, yet inconspicuous arrow has formed the essential interface connecting user and computer. With the rise of multi-touch interfaces, we are slowly seeing these disconnected phantom limbs disappear. Reason enough to gather our pointers together and have some fun.

The interactive video kicks off with a simple message ➝ ‘Please note ➝ We are recording your pointer’. Viewers answer questions like ‘Where are you from?’ and complete easy tasks like ‘Catch the green dot’ while navigating their enlarged cursors over an old computer screen with large pixels.

In the background, they are accompanied by a sea of arrows belonging to those who participated before them. Some obviously go with the flow, while others diverge from the beaten track. Suddenly the camera zooms out, moving away from the computer screen and recording a space where the band Light Light is playing. Based on items in the space and the activities of the band, amusing tasks and questions keep coming like ‘Form a mask’ or ‘Play the bass’, but ‘Do not touch the model’…