Composition n°1

Designer | Artist Marc Saporta
Year 2011

A work called Composition No. 1 by Visual Editions Ltd. has been available on iTunes since this summer. In fact, it is specified that Composition No. 1 is the product of a remix, a re-imagining exercise based on the work of a rather unknown author of French origin, Marc Saporta. Saporta’s Composition No.1 and his contemporary remix are productions that challenge our literary conventions and propose possible worlds for the « book » and literature of tomorrow.

In Saporta’s work, we find a collection of stories involving Parisians who gravitate around La Sorbonne. But, above all, as described, Composition No. 1 consists of a pile of pages that are neither bound nor bound, like a deck of cards that can be combined in any desired order to form the destinies of the protagonists. The set of 148 pages or text units can generate 148! possible stories.

In the Visual Editions version, the pages, words and characters are all mobile and scroll at high speed. This movement is interrupted if you touch the screen, and then you can read. If you remove your finger, the typographic delirium starts all over again. There is a counter that captures the progress of our random reading.

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