Cave Exits

Designer | Artist Peter Burr
Year 2016

The experience invites audiences to explore an experimental narrative developed during Burr’s residency at 3LD Art & Technology Center in New York. Teaming up with a strong creative team and artists, including Porpentine, John Also Bennett, Mike Heavers, Brandon Blommaert, and Brenna Murphy, the New York-based artist offers a multimedia 4-channel video cube that uses digital tools, perspective changes, and video game concepts and engines to explore Burr’s analyses—in a creative way—of modern behavior, offering a sort of interactive sociologic study in-sync with our present society. Surrounding the audience and absorbing their entire field of vision, the interactive 3D environment revisits and re-conceptualizes the infinite repetition of the « infinite dungeon » video game, offering an unexpected and generative labyrinth which explores, highlights and criticizes everyday reality, a day-to-day routine resulting somehow in the degradation of the social life.