Casa de Musica

Graphic design
Designer | Artist Stefan Sagmeister
Year 2010

This is a comprehensive identity for Casa da Musica, the Rem Kohlhaas designed music center in the harbor town of Porto in Portugal. Our initial desire to design an identity without featuring the building proofed impossible because as we studied the structure, we realized that the building itself is a logo. Kohlhaas calls this « the organization of issues of symbolism ». Really. But we did try to avoid another rendering of a building by developing a system where this recognizable, unique, modern form transforms itself like a chameleon from application to application, changes from media to media where the physical building itself is the ultimate (very high-res) rendering in a long line of logos. Our goal was to show the many different kinds of music performed in one house. Depending on the music it is filled with the house changes its character and works dice-like by displaying different views and facets of music.