BBC Civilisation aR

Designer | Artist BBC Arts, BBC R&D, Nexus Studios
Year 2018

Civilisations is an epic new BBC Two series presented by Simon Schama, Mary Beard and David Olusoga, spanning 31 countries and covering 5000 works of art across human history.

Alongside the show the Civilisations Festival is bringing together museums and galleries from across the UK through digital products and events. As part of this we’ve created an augmented reality app that allows users to bring the treasures of these collections into their own homes. Put very simply, AR, or augmented reality overlays virtual objects in the world around us that can be seen through a smartphone, tablet or headsets..Civilisations AR is a collaboration between BBC Arts, BBC R&D, Nexus Studios and around 30 museums and galleries from across the UK.

How was the app made?

The app was built by Nexus Studios; using the Unity middleware. Unity was initially created for multi-platform video game development but, more recently, has become a leader in AR & VR content creation. The App uses native marker-less Augmented Reality frameworks on both iOS (ARkit) and Android (ARCore) to allow us to place and render realistic looking objects (3D scans) that react to the real world on mass-market mobile phone handsets.